Great Infographic: How to Choose The Best CRM Software: 7 Tips For Your Small Business

Every big and small business needs a system to integrate and analyze databases of customers and sales in order to increase profits. CRM is the solution because it analyzes the database and chooses the right action to be done by the insights provided. This productive infographic, by Ruby Media Corporation, shows the right way to

5 Inside Sales Tools to Boost Productivity and Enablement

The sales industry is more competitive than ever, now that technology has transformed and disrupted the paradigm. These days, most sales happen remotely over the phone or internet. This is commonly known as inside sales. Inside sales is both a challenge and an opportunity for your company. Optimization of sales productivity (the most sales for

3 Social CRM Best Practices that Will Improve Engagement

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a very delicate and an integral part in any business success. When performing well, it drives the business to make a lot of profit in the long run due to customer retention and satisfaction. Social networks are the new frontier that every business is pioneering in order to provide better