CRM Michael TaylorAugust 11, 2016

Maximize your CRM like the Pros [July’s Best Posts Roundup]

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Maximize your CRM like the Pros [July’s Best Posts Roundup]

Wondering what companies like Staples, Oracle, and LinkedIn are currently doing to update their CRM systems? This monthly roundup will show you. Along with other tips and tricks on maximizing and scaling your company, this roundup also provides details on today’s leaders in CRM marketing!

The 2016 CRM Market Leaders

We all know that the right CRM system can transform any mid-tier company into a fully functioning powerhouse, so picking the perfect software it crucial. This article rates the leaders in CRM based on nine categories, such as marketing solutions and data quality, to help you make the right pick for your company.

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Get What You Need From Your Dealership CRM

It’s always important to assess the needs of your target market to ensure a successful and powerful dealership CRM system. In doing so, you’ll get the most out of your CRM system, like better customer relationships and an increased ability to connect with your clients.


Why startups should use CRM

A CRM system is the perfect way to keep track of current and future customers, making it beneficial to businesses at all stages of development. Despite this reality, most startups believe that they aren’t far enough along in development to invest in a CRM. This article explains all the benefits of using a CRM at an early stage, discussing the effects it could have on things like migration and scalability!


Staples Biggest CRM Challenge Is Data ‘Validity’

For a big company like Staples, a solid CRM system is of utmost importance. However, they do face their fair share of challenges while operating CRMs. All business owners can learn from these obstacles. In this interview with Jay Poropatich, the senior director at Staples, we discover what those challenges are and how we can overcome them!


10 Clever Marketing Tricks Using CRM, Link Building and More

This article presents us with tips and tricks on how to master the world of online marketing. Learn from these 10 pieces of advice to discover how CRM can help revolutionize your company’s digital marketing initiatives.


CRM cloud app market consolidates with Oracle-NetSuite acquisition

News of Oracle’s $9.3 billion acquisition of cloud application provider NetSuite sent a pulse through the industry. But with little information about how the two well-established tech companies will integrate, customers and analysts are left hypothesizing on the purchase. Read as Jesse Scardina brings in the latest updates on this story.

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5 Ways to Guarantee Sales Will Hate Your CRM

As good as CRM is with managing interactions between most departments, sales teams seem to benefit least from its use. This weak connection between your sales team and your CRM could be the result of these 5 “offenses” committed against your team, ultimately limiting the effectiveness of your CRM and leading to CRM hatred. Read on to ensure that you don’t make these mistakes.


How to Maximize Your CRM Spending

In this next article, we get the tips on CRM evaluation, negotiation and implementation that are sure to help you get the biggest bang for your CRM buck. Read more to discover how to determine your CRM needs, how to keep CRM customization and training costs under control, and tips for negotiating the best CRM deal!


5 Videos That Best Explain CRM

Understanding today’s CRM can get a little complicated, as there are many layers to it. Watching videos is a great way to understand the most complicated parts of CRM. These 5 videos are some of the best instructional guides to help you get on track!


LinkedIn Boosts CRM Integration with Update to Sales Navigator

The latest news from LinkedIn is that they’re aiming to make the company’s sales navigator tool more effective for sales and CRM. They have partnered with Gmail to enable users to directly access public LinkedIn details about prospects within email. Read on to find the other features of this new update!