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The Ultimate CRM Software Collection: Best Articles of 2016

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The Ultimate CRM Software Collection: Best Articles of 2016



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2016 is coming to an end, and that means many of us are reflecting on what we have learned this past year. Don’t let another year go by without discovering what Customer Relationship Management can do you for your business if you haven’t implemented it, and how you can improve your CRM process if you have it implemented already.


Good news is that you don’t have to go digging for the research, because we have done the work for you. We picked out the top articles of the past year to give you a head start into 2017.


Hope you enjoy! 


The Best CRM Software of 2017


Are you searching for the best CRM software to implement? Take a look at this comprehensive list of the top CRM products out there, along with their strengths and weaknesses, compared to their competitors. PC magazine also discusses some great reasons why CRM implementation can benefit your business and the various features offered. 


The Importance of Customer Relationship Management Within a Business


CRM adoption is one way to stay ahead of the competition, says the digital doughnut. Find out exactly what CRM software can offer for your business, including communication channels, improved experiences, reputation management, cost savings, and more.


What is CRM?


Maybe you don’t even know what CRM is, that’s OK! Microsoft does a great job breaking down what this acronym means and what it is designed to solve. Find out the fundamentals of CRM software and what exactly CRM software aims to solve. You might find out that there is a place for CRM in your business or organization that may fill the gap you were searching for.


Using Social Media For Customer Relationship Management


It turns out that utilizing social media is a form of CRM itself, helping organizations interact with their customers online. There are many benefits for utilizing social media, including strengthening your brand, managing customer expectations, and dealing with consumer complaints. It turns out your twitter account might serve many purposes nowadays.



6 Insights You Gain by Integrating Social Media Management with Your CRM and MAP


95 percent of B2B marketers are turning to Social Media to not only brand themselves, but integrate with their CRM and MAP systems for even greater value. Discover what Oktopost has to say about developing what they call a Social-CRM-MAP relationship, and how you can gain 6 different insights about your customers and your business as a whole.


11 CRM best practices


Take a look at what experts in CRM have to say about offering value to your clientele and managing your customer base. CIO has broken these paths into 11 methods to integrate your CRM with the customer journey.    


Customer Relationship Automation Is the New CRM


Data is one of the most valuable insights that companies can use to drive their consumer buyer behavior. CRM is one of those tools, but looking forward it seems that CRM needs updating – it needs an automated process. The automated process involves leveraging technology to harness predictive data and become more proactive in making those decisions.



7 Amazing Airport Apps That Make Your Flight Suck Less


I think it’s safe to say that no one looks forward to flying, but it turns out that there are some awesome apps to make the process a bit easier. Afar magazine has discovered some of the 7 best apps that you can use to ease your airport frustrations and making hopping from gate to gate a breeze.


Best CRM Software for Small Business


CRM isn’t just for the big boys, it is just as important of an implementation for small business too. We at WalkMe did some research and discovered some of the top CRM software that small businesses can utilize to leverage themselves for better success. We made sure to break out each system’s pros and cons to find one that’s best suitable for you.


And the winners of the 2016 CRM Watchlist are…


The 2016 CRM Watchlist Winners are out, and ZDNet has broken down the winners and the criteria for


7 Best WordPress CRM Plugins for Your Business


If you’re utilizing WordPress, there are some plugins for your business that can help you generate leads, increase sales, and maintain your relationship with consumers. These third party plug-ins are broken down by their usability and their purpose for each business necessity.


Look forward to sharing more in the new year to come!