CRM Michael TaylorOctober 16, 2016

10 CRM Leaders You Should Engage With on LinkedIn

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10 CRM Leaders You Should Engage With on LinkedIn

If you’re in the CRM business, there are a few people you’d want to connect with on LinkedIn.


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LinkedIn has become one of the top platforms for connecting, interacting and engaging, and the people listed below can help you improve your professional network and gain more industry insights and information.


The following list of LinkedIn profiles includes talented individuals who take an integral part in some of the leading tech companies today. Connecting with them, or at least starting to follow them would get you one step closer to the CRM community cream of the crop.


1. Carlos Martin – Senior Project Manager, CRM at General Motors


2. Clarissa Simpson – MS Dynamics CRM Specialist and Business Systems Analyst at Ford Motor Company


3. Susan Parsons – U.S. Digital Engagement & CRM Director at McDonald’s Corporation


 4. Antonique Bucknor – The CRM Product Marketing Manager at Verizon


5. Matthew Smolar – A SAP CRM Analyst at Costco Wholesale


6. Shawn McCubbin – CRM Consultant at HP Enterprise, Delivering CRM Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce Platforms

7. Gary Embleton – Head of CRM and Client Service Technology Programs at J.P. Morgan


8. Sanmeet Dhillon – Managing Consultant of CRM at IBM Global Business Services


9. Shane Steele – Manager of CRM Systems at

10. Jujhar Singh – Microsoft Dynamics CRM General Manager at Microsoft