Infographic: 5 Reasons Why Sales Reps Hate CRM (And How You Can Change It)

CRM may not be accepted by every department within your company, but in order for it to work cohesively each department must find a way to manage. It just so happens that your sales representatives might be the ones who are most unhappy with the CRM system. So, in order to get them on board you must take a walk in their shoes and understand why they dislike it so much.

This infographic created by Accent presents the top five reasons why your sales representatives hate CRM, with detailed statistics following each reason. The main reason is that CRM systems are time consuming, which can be true.

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However, after you understand that this is a primary concern for your employees you can begin to work on it. The list continues with issues such as CRM frustration and passiveness. My favorite parts of this infographic are the great tips provided at the end for how to make your CRM sales-rep-friendly!


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