Can a CRM Process Flow Done Right Replace CRM Training?

Today we’ll be taking a look at whether a customer relationship management process flow can take the place of customer relationship management training. The term ‘customer relationship management’ refers to practices, strategies and technologies that businesses employ to deal with and analyze customer interactions and data. The goal is to improve their relationship with their

Fascinating Video: Social CRM Explained by Chuck Schaeffer

In the digital age, technology changes our lives and the ways we work. CRM has to be effective to increase revenue, sales and businesses profitability and popularity. Therefore, sometimes we have to say goodbye to the traditional CRM and welcome the social CRM. There are many differences between the traditional and social CRM as well

Great Infographic: How Your CRM Can Increase Your ROI

Did you know CRM increase sales up to 29% and revenue by at least 41% per sales person on average? This beautiful and well-organized infographic, by Orchestrate, presents 4 incredible aspects that explain perfectly why CRM is highly important for any type of organization. It begins with some background about CRM, explains simply what it