Great Video: What to Expect in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Businesses depend on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions to enhance customer engagement by simplifying operations, adjusting to a growing business, and accelerating productivity. Therefore, it is always fundamental to examine existing or possible problems with old solutions and enhance new solutions to improve and promote CRM systems in general and Microsoft Dynamics CRMs in

18 Most Interesting CRM Articles and Interviews of 2015

These 18 articles and interviews, written by the best CRM experts, discuss the challenges CRM admins face nowadays, and especially the adjustment to the new workforce- Millennials. and offer great tips and solutions. Inside, you can find insights on topics such as lead management, social CRM and CRM implementation, alongside fascinating interviews.   1. Lead Management:


A professor can give the most fascinating and thought-provoking lecture, but unless he/she is speaking the same language as his/her listeners, that lecture is unfortunately going to go to waste.  Are you speaking the same language as your workforce? Make sure the language you speak is the one your listeners can understand. You’re listeners are

Great Infographic: 10 Top Reasons CRM System Is the Solution Your Sales Department Needs

This great infographic gives indispensable reasons why CRM is so beneficial, especially in sales. It is crucial to have a suitable CRM to achieve success, it should be effective enough to increase sales and to facilitate the whole process for the customer. This infographic, by Cloudswave, lists the most important reasons why CRM is needed

Which Sales Analytics Tools Are Making Waves?

In a sophisticated and difficult business world, the need of the hour is speed, accuracy and dependability. There is hardly any doubt that going in for the right sales analytics tools is very important – they  help base marketing techniques on sophisticated technologies, rather than shooting in the dark. These methods make use of concrete

Amazing Infographic: Multichannel CRM – Going With the Flow

This fantastic infographic, by Orange Business Services, attributes importance to the digital customer experience as well as to our interaction with customers. It does that by referring to 5 multichannel CRM secrets we should acknowledge to make this experience beneficial for both sides. It is important to consider multichannel CRM elements to enhance and boost