7 Tips to Pave the Way to Social CRM Success

Social media not only changes the way we communicate on a personal level, it also changes how businesses approach CRM strategies. Social CRM is the fluid implementation of social networking sites, like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, into their CRM strategies. It allows businesses to share ideas, take feedback and build relationships with their customers at

Great Infographic: 7 Ways CRM Can Increase Your Sales

CRM is a great tool for organizing information and increasing productivity, but its benefits don’t stop there. In fact, CRM applications can increase sales by up to 29% and improve forecast accuracy by 42%. This great infographic by Salesforce details seven different ways that CRM can increase your sales. These include faster response times and

Can Open Source CRM Compete with the Big Players?

Due to its flexibility and its low entry cost, open-source CRM has become an attractive and exciting option for many. Since any interested individual can join, and modify the software, there are a number of advantages and drawbacks to the model.  Gartner Analyst Laurie Wurster has reported on the growing trend: “Open- source enterprise applications,

5 Social CRM Tools You Need to Know About

With CRM being as much of a backbone as it is now for businesses, with every customer-related department (and beyond) having to exchange data over this central, flexible data processing and tracking system, we’re starting to see the inevitable experimentation with other technologies to work alongside or within CRM. Social CRM tools are an example