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Best CRM Onboarding Flow Examples for New Users

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Best CRM Onboarding Flow Examples for New Users

CRM onboarding flow is a process of integrating newly acquired customer data into the CRM system. 

It is important for new customers to integrate seamlessly into the system, so they can enjoy the full benefits of the CRM system. 

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A good onboarding flow offers a smooth transition from a new to a veteran user.

Great onboarding flow examples are provided here. Tune in to find out.

How to Build a CRM User Onboarding Flow

Create an onboarding summary

An onboarding summary is a series of emails that helps new users to get familiar with the CRM system. 

The summary should cover the following topics:

  • Why you are using the CRM
  • The CRM features
  • How you can use the CRM platform
  • Benefits of the CRM
  • How to get started with the CRM system

It is important for new users to stay motivated to explore the platform and use its features to get value from it.

Know your customer

Onboarding must be geared toward the user and not the other way around. With that said, it is important to understand your user before you onboard them. 

Creating user personas is a great way to get a better understanding of your users and to create a customized onboarding for them.

You can also write down their goals, pains, and gains. By doing so, you will be able to understand what motivates your users and how their needs can best be met.

Hook new users

Rather than telling them the benefits of using CRM, let them experience it themselves. By hooking them into the CRM system, they can get quick wins, which will motivate them to continue using it.

You can hook your users by creating a scenario in which they will experience the pain of not using the CRM system.

You can also create a scenario in which they will experience the gain of using the CRM system.

For instance, you can give your users a reward for creating an account and invite them to use it in order to get it. This will help them stay motivated to use the CRM system and create value from it.

Show the new user how to be successful with the CRM system

It is important for new users to learn how to become successful with your CRM system. 

One of the best ways to do it is by offering them a simple task or challenge at the beginning. For example, invite them to share a status update or a message on the CRM platform. 

Teach them how to use the platform and see their reaction to it. This will give you an idea of what they need.

Make onboarding simple

In order to make onboarding smooth, you can use email templates, short videos, and other funnels. 

However, the best way to keep your users motivated is by making the onboarding process simple and focused on just one goal. This will help them understand what they should do.

A good onboarding flow should be easy to follow and require as little effort from users as possible. 

For instance, if you ask your users to register for an account before they start using your CRM, they might not take it seriously or they might abandon the account registration process in the middle.

If you let them try some of your CRM features first, they will be more willing to complete the signup process.

How about you? Do you want to share some onboarding flow examples for new users? Let us know in the comments section below.