CRM Michael TaylorOctober 23, 2014

5 CRM KPIs You Must Track

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5 CRM KPIs You Must Track

Customer relationship management key performance indicators (CRM KPIs) evaluate the success of an organization or of a specific activity in which the organization engages. They are also defined as tools which can be used by an establishment to track its progress and success in accomplishing its mission. Customer relationship management key performance indicators consist of a number of predetermined measurable goals for a company and can include any feature of the organization which is deemed vital to its success.

In order to build effective key performance indicators which are also known as “Performance Metrics”, an establishment should have a mission with realistic and clearly defined goals together with clear objectives. Ambiguous goals, for instance to be the best in the industry will not work as they are too extensive. Members of an organization need to agree upon the organization’s goals and express them in measurable terms.

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Upon establishing realistic overall goals for instance growth, managers need to analyze a number of business categories to determine the best key performance indicators. These include financial, process as well as client-oriented measurements. Even though all other performance metrics are vital, CRM KPIs are more important as they are at the front end and serve as early warning signs that business is off track which denotes a high possibility of jeopardy in accomplishment.

5 CRM KPIs You Must Track

Help Desk Key Performance Indicators

Great client support has the potential to lift your product or service from “average” to “best” because customers are the most important part of the business equation. Your help desk employees should understand this and strive to provide the topmost quality of support possible. Help desk metrics such as ticket queue, agent performance as well as ticket analysis can all help to diagnose problems so your customers can enjoy great customer support and in turn elevate you to a market player.

Actions per Engagement Performance Indicators

Business owners who are trying to maintain contacts with prospects should analyze how often their potential customers respond. Once they learn the response pattern, they will know how many times they have to reach out to them before the clients will make a purchase. The actions per engagement metric enables a seller to know when their target audience stops replying to their messages, unsubscribes from their newsletters, blocks them or simply stops to respond. They can use these patterns to boost their systems’ efficiency. If a prospect ceases to respond after 5 contact attempts, a seller will know how to not waste their time on customers who are unlikely to make a purchase.

Response Time Performance Indicators

If you have integrated your CRM with a lead-generation form or something of that sort, how fast do you reach out to clients and other prospects for sales? Depending on your industry, your conversion rate may decline considerably after a short period of time. For instance, in real estate, that period of time could be as short as half an hour.

Conversion Rate Key Performance Indicators

Are you able to determine how frequent customers respond to your efforts with a purchase or action? Conversion rate CRM metric helps you to track how often your outreach attempts yield a measurable action. This enables you to determine whether or not these efforts are effective. If your goal is to generate sales for a new creation and you are only getting many page views, it is necessary that you re-evaluate the page, product or any other factor. However, without this indicator, it will not be possible to determine whether or not your outreach efforts yield results.

Relationship Freshness Metrics

Are you current with all your clients? Have they been reached out to in a provable way in the past few days? It can be quite tricky to maintain a relationship with your customer because there are so many matters you need to take care of as a businessman/woman. But with an effective customer relationship management key performance indicator, you can be able to track your last interaction with every client.

Funnel Drop-Off Rate Key Performance Indicators

This is one of the most effective CRM KPIs that enables an entrepreneur to know how often their prospects unsubscribe from the newsletters they send out, how many read the emails they send as well as those that end up making a purchase. By knowing when and how frequent potential buyers ignore your funnel to a sale can help you identify the problems that are preventing you from generating sales and address them. Seeing the efficiency of your sales funnel improve is a great way to feel accomplished.

Customer relationship management is very important for every business because customers are the blood which runs through the veins of any existing corporation. Due to this, much focus needs to be put on it in order to achieve a good reputation out there. This is why most serious companies today take their time to develop the above CRM KPIs which help them to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

While CRM KPIs guarantee better customer loyalty, failure to analyze the results appropriately or focusing on the wrong information can be quite disastrous. Some companies spend much of their time reviewing the wrong data that cannot lead to the timeliest progress in regards to customer relationship management. The main challenges are to identify which data sets deliver the greatest impact, determine the most accurate metrics and display them in a manner that makes the information instantly actionable.


Customer relationship management key performance indicators provide a good opportunity for organizations to establish a good reputation to achieve maximum results. Many financial institutions make data on these indicators for instance quick response time and loan approval available to clients to help them achieve customer loyalty thereby leading to maximum profits. When a potential customer learns that an institution offers instant loan approval, he or she will want to try out their services to see how effective they are.With all these pieces of information, entrepreneurs who wish to capture new customers and retain the existing ones need to consider developing and tracking CRM KPIs.