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Benefits of CRM in Oracle

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Benefits of CRM in Oracle

Do you want to learn more about CRM in Oracle? If so, this section is perfect for you to learn. Let us take a look.

What Is a CRM in Oracle?

CRM in Oracle is a sales, service, and marketing solution. It provides you with a single view of all the customers and their activities. The Customer Relationship Management solution created in Oracle is integrated with the other solutions in Oracle such as Siebel, E-Business Suite, and Hyperion.

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The following are some of the highlights of Oracle CRM:

  • It is one integrated solution for sales, service, and marketing.
  • It integrates with Siebel, E-Business Suite, and Hyperion.
  • This provides tools for customer interaction, service interaction, and marketing interactions.
  • It provides tools for managing multiple customer relationships.

Benefits of CRM in Oracle

In business organizations, there is a desire to improve performance and support customer satisfaction. If we take Oracle as an example, it has many features that provide the capabilities required for a full-featured customer relationship management system. In the following sections, we will learn about some of the benefits:

1) Responsiveness

Oracle CRM helps in achieving higher levels of responsiveness to your customers, which are required in today’s business world. It can be achieved by the following features:

Automatic routing of customer calls to the right place and with the right person. For example, if a customer calls on the contact center number, then it will be automatically routed to the right person. This can be achieved using ACD (automated call distribution) or IVR (interactive voice response).

Automated resolution of customer issues is another area where Oracle CRM helps in keeping you responsive. It gives you the capability to resolve issues such as product returns and cancellations, cancellations of credit cards, and so on. It also helps in solving problems related to invoicing, payments, and so on.

2) Accessibility

Oracle CRM provides a single point from which all information can be accessed easily. It also helps you in customizing applications based on the preferences of different user groups. The access level is managed by Oracle Access Manager that provides role-based security. This makes the system highly accessible to users. Oracle CRM offers the following features:

  • Expediting data entry by providing auto-completion support for text fields and drop-down lists for values selected by a user
  • Minimizing data entry errors by supporting automatic field validation

3) Security

Oracle CRM has been well designed with security as one of its top priorities. Below is one of the security features:

  • Role-based access management: This allows you to define access privileges to various items based on your roles in the organization such as marketing manager or sales manager or field sales agent or customer service agent or so on. These roles are assigned to individual users who can grant access privileges for other users based on his/her respective roles in your organization. All these roles are also managed through Access Manager that controls access levels for users.

4) Risk management

It is another feature of Oracle CRM. It helps you in identifying risk elements that may result in loss to the company. For example, if a customer has made many cancellations, then this can be considered as a risk element. This can be handled by using Oracle CRM that allows you to identify such risk elements at an early stage and take appropriate actions to overcome them.