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What Does a CRM Software Do?

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What Does a CRM Software Do?

Get to know more about the topic “What Does a CRM Software Do?” Let’s take a look at this article. So, read on to learn more.

What Does a CRM Software Do?

A good CRM software is one that not only helps you keep a tab on all your customer information but also helps you in sales, marketing, and customer service.

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For Sales, it helps you in managing your customer base and track the history of each customer. It also helps in sales forecasting.


The marketing department needs a CRM to monitor customer behavior and respond to the marketing strategies and campaigns. It also helps in defining qualified leads from the mass of leads and nurturing these leads till they convert into paying customers.

Customer Service

A CRM not only helps you to manage customer information but also customer support tickets, customer feedback, deal registration, and other issues related to customer service.

CRM vs Business Intelligence

CRM software is not the same as Business Intelligence (BI). Business intelligence is for an organization whereas CRM software is for individuals within an organization, be it a sales manager, salesperson, or even the receptionist who deals with clients daily.

Benefits of Using a CRM

There are many benefits of using CRM software such as being able to help you reach out to your customers through different channels like emails, phone calls, or even social media platforms. It can help you organize your workflow so that everyone gets their work done efficiently and effectively. Your team can work more collaboratively by sharing data across different channels and departments allowing employees to work better together. These are just some of the benefits that CRM software offers you.

What Can I Do With CRM Software?

Somehow, if you want your business to grow not only in terms of volume but also in terms of profit margins then you need to start using this software for your business as soon as possible because there are several things that you can do with it such as:

Lead Capture & Management

A lead generation program gives your business more control over its lead flow process by automating lead management tasks like lead assignment, lead qualification, lead tracking and lead nurturing. You have full control over what happens with your leads from the start till the time they become customers. So, capture leads online through websites or social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, etc., track their interests on your website via cookies or links embedded in emails or text messages, identify qualified leads based on their responses and nurture them via various promotional channels.

Customizable Marketing Campaigns

A campaign management system lets you create, schedule, and send reminders to customers automatically via email and SMS. This helps you to remind customers of an upcoming event or a sale. You can also track the success of your marketing campaign by monitoring the number of responses received from each campaign.

Customer Relationship Management

With a CRM system, you can easily manage all your customer information in one place like what they buy, how much they spend, how much time it takes for them to make a purchase, etc. You get details about their past behavior, interests, and preferences. Thus, it helps you customize personalized offers that would help you in converting more customers into paying clients. A CRM system not only helps you in managing your customers but also ensures that your team is working together to deliver quality customer experiences.

Thus, just as any other business, a service-oriented business must keep a track of its customers so that it can measure the productivity and efficiency of its sales and marketing teams.