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This Week’s Top CRM Articles

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This Week’s Top CRM Articles

1# All That A CIO Needs To Know About CRM Was Said Already By the Dalai Lama

It is impossible to control all the variables of life. Instead of trying to control them, you should learn to cope with them. Here is a detailed article about this topic by Michael Maoz.

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2# Are Your Serving Your Mobile Customers

Businesses that embrace technological advancements in mobile industry surely leap maximum profits. Here is a comprehensive article by Michele Masterson to help you determine if you are serving your mobile customers.

3# Our Favorite iPad CRM User Interfaces (UIS)

A good CRM software will go a long way in increase your sales and marketing initiatives more effective. Here is an updated list from Victoria Rossi of top 5 CRM software interfaces for iPad.

4# Retail CRM Comes Of Age

The most successful businesses in the world have very good retail CRM platforms. Chuck Schaeffer takes a look at how this form of CRM can benefit your business.

5# Getting New Hires Up To Speed With CRM ASAP!

Time is a limited resource that needs to be well managed. New employees need to grasp how your CRM platform works as soon as possible to save time and increase their productivity. Here is an article I wrote on how to do this. Michael Taylor.

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