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This Week’s Best in CRM

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This Week’s Best in CRM

1. The Customer Engagement Conundrum: What the **** is it?!
Chris Ward’s article helps to answer the question about what exactly CE has evolved to be. This article does a solid job of allowing us to rethink the Customer Engagement experience and how to manage some of the changes ahead.

2. Toward a More Perfect CRM  
Chris Bucholtz writes about the importance of refining and improving processes, which touch the customer direction. From personalization to working with social media this article does a good job of helping us understand just what will continue improvement in CRM.

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3. 10 Steps to Successful Social CRM
This article by Rachel Miller makes the case for building your Social CRM and offers a 10-step checklist for you to follow to ensure that your business is building a social customer business strategy.

4. 3 Crucial Ways to Boost SAP New User Confidence
This article encourages an investment in continuous learning, continued performance monitoring, and early knowledge application.

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