CRM News Michael TaylorMarch 2, 2015

This Week’s Best in CRM

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This Week’s Best in CRM

In this week’s best in CRM, we look at the importance of collecting the right email marketing metrics, the role of social CRM, and we present the CRM watchlist 2015 winners.

1. CRM Watchlist 2015 Winners: Marketing Takes the Stage
In this article by Paul Greenberg he outlines the three marketing companies to watch this year. These include Adobe, Callidus Cloud, and OutMarket.

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2.Are You Using Wrong Email Marketing Metrics
In Chad White’s article he outlines some critical email marketing metrics that your business just may be missing.


3.Facebook Quietly Built an In-House CRM to Deal with Advertisers
In Jordan Novet’s article he looks at the role of Sales Cloud in facebook’s management of ad sales or advertisers contact information.

4.Social CRM: The Game Changer for Companies That Want to Engage With Their Customers
In Amit Bhaya’s article he provides some important tips to keep your business developing and delivering on a Social CRM strategy.

5. Zapier Review
Finally in this article we look at the Zapier Review, the features of a Zapier Review, some practical applications of the Zapier App and lots of information about this amazing tool.