CRM News Michael TaylorMarch 29, 2015

This Week in Customer Relationship Management

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This Week in Customer Relationship Management

In this week’s best in CRM, we look at a variety of CRM solutions, and improvements to productivity and promotions.

1.Cisco to Salesforce: Can You Handle Our New CRM Solution?
In this article by Scott Fulton outlines a new Cisco CRM solution called Context Service.

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2. Convergence 2015: With Sales Productivity in Focus, Microsoft, CRM Partners Offer A Slew Of Complementary Tools
In Mark Anderson’s article he outlines some of the productivity solutionsthat were featured at the recent Convergence Conference 2015.

3.Get Users to Crave their CRM Data

In this article by Travis Truett, he outlines some of the reasons that our users need real time data, and visualized user performance.


4.Microsoft Cloud-First Push Shines in CRM, Lags in ERP

In this article by Doug Henschen he outlines the role of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM and its benefits alongside some of its difficulties.

5.Promoting Cloud-Base CRM Migration By Selling Product to the Users

Finally in this article we look at tips to encourage new users to adopt your new CRM system.