Promoting Cloud-Base CRM Migration By Selling the Product to the Users

* This article is part of a White Paper called “The Survival Guide for Migrating to a Cloud-Based CRM.”

Sales teams from cloud computing service vendors have often claimed that a company can sign up for a cloud-based CRM system and have it up and running in a few days.

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That is largely inaccurate and impractical, due to the fact that time is needed to get users to buy in to the new system, address their issues and concerns, provide adequate training, and show how the new system will help close sales quicker, carefully track prospects, assign new customers to those best equipped to handle them, and speed the order-to-delivery process.

Communication is the key to making this type of project a success. So it’s really not just about the technical needs of implementing a new CRM, but also about user adoption, onboarding and how long it takes them to reach full competence levels.

Here are some tips to help you Encourage Users to Adopt the New System:

  • Communication strategies including newsletters, a project web site, and executive pep rally type talks.
  • Early in the project inception, invite business and product line managers to participate in the systems integration and conversion planning.
  • More compensation and quota information will be online in the new CRM system; show users that.
  • Invite key customers in to see the new system and explain how the sales people will take orders using mobile devices in the customer’s office, via electronic interface, over the phone, or by giving customers direct access to the system.
  • Demonstrate the mobile app features of the new CRM system including the ability to generate a receipt in the customer’s office, review pricing information and customer-history, and scan relevant documents.
  • Use online guidance technology. The company can use its own YouTube channel to distribute tips and training. Or it could use more interactive tools like WalkMe, which actually guides and engages users through the process, in the moment of need.
  • Use gamification to reinforce training. Gamification means turning something that could be boring (like training) into an interactive activity, to make it more interesting.
  •  Explain that the interfaces with the order-entry, inventory management, and accounting systems in the old system did not work well all the time, were outdated, and cost too much to maintain. If you have signed up for cloud services to replace some of those systems, you can explain the benefits of that and give demonstrations.

This article is part of a White Paper called “The Survival Guide for Migrating to a Cloud-Based CRM.”

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The White Paper covers a range of topics including:

Chapter 1: Project Kick-Off and Effective Communication

Chapter 2: Train, Train, and Train Again

Chapter 3: Sell the Product to the Users

Chapter 4: How to Encourage Users to Adopt the New System

Chapter 5: How to Provide the Best Support  Experience

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