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This Week in CRM News

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This Week in CRM News

This Week’s Best in CRM looks at trends for 2015, as well as some new tools available for CRM this year.

1. Forrester’s Top CRM Trends For 2015

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Kate Leggett’s blog outlines some of the top CRM Trends ahead of us in 2015. In particular, Leggett identifies how CRM can help you with your end-to-end goals.

2.Quick and Dirty Is a Sure Way to Fail at Social CRM

David Taber’s article identifies just why so many social CRM platforms are often ineffective. Instead, Taber identifies Social CRM best practices who can help you leverage the best and most effective CRM possible.


3.CRM Trends and Predictions for 2015

Billy Lyle’s article makes some insightful and intriguing CRM  predictions for 2015. From growing mobile capabilities to more powerful social listening tools, Lyle’s predictions are certain to help you make plans this year.

4.6 CRM Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs for Managing Clients

In Drew Hendricks’ article, he looks at 6 CRM tools that every entrepreneur needs for client management. Each of these tools has something unique to offer your business especially as it grows.

5.How Can CRM Help Manage Your Team and How Can You Avoid Pitfalls?

Finally in this article we look at how CRM can help manage your team and more carefully manage your productivity levels.

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