CRM Michael TaylorFebruary 9, 2015

How Can CRM Help You Manage Your Team and How Can You Avoid Pitfalls?

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How Can CRM Help You Manage Your Team and How Can You Avoid Pitfalls?

CRM is a common strategy organizations use today to improve customer service, boost customer satisfaction and attract more customers in hopes to gain more revenue and make more profit. Companies can adopt CRM strategies through the use of various software, and management in turn can monitor and evaluate its employee and team capability and productivity levels. An effective implementation of CRM allows the company to compete successfully in today’s fast moving and competitive business environment.

To grow and maintain an effective direct sales team, hiring competent sales people is important. However, getting them to reach full productivity levels and building a reliable sales model and process is even more important. With a CRM software, your company can easily assess how your new hires are doing in terms of meeting sales quotas and closing deals. It can also carefully manage the productivity levels of your sales team.

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For instance, CRM reporting allows you to assess your employee productivity levels. You can get a clear picture of who is making or who isn’t making sales when your team logs sales meeting on your CRM software. You’ll be able to discover unproductive sales meetings and any stuck deals. With that you’ll have the power to take action sooner to save money and increase productivity through improved training, better coaching or just simply finding a better hire.

With CRM, your company can also detect customer and market trends more quickly. Knowing this information, you can build reliable sales model that direct marketing and sales efforts towards the path of the highest success rate. This can result in shorter sales cycles and improved sales productivity.


Before you jump into purchasing a CRM software, you must properly evaluate your enterprise needs and how it matches up with the properties and performance of various systems. A good tip is to ask the vendors to provide a demo of the CRM system before you fully commit to one system.

When evaluating your CRM software system, you should be mindful of one that can identify and realize real benefits for the enterprise. Get one that is simple to use so that excessive training isn’t needed for your sales team to adequately understand how to use the software. The interface should be user friendly and customization process should be simple. An effective CRM system is one that allows a low level of system integration.

Yet inevitably, that is easier said than done. Often CRM platforms are complex to learn and onboard new employees to. A performance support solution like WalkMe can have a direct and measurable impact on accelerating onboarding times and raising employee performance on a CRM software. WalkMe provides contextual guidance and process support so that the appropriate people receive the relevant information they need, at the precise moment they need it. Through a series of predefined, easy-to-set rules, WalkMe is able to identify where a user is in the process and accurately initiate an interaction with the user. WalkMe then adapts and delivers the relevant guidance at each stage of the process.  So any process on the CRM software is now easy, and is completed successfully.

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