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Top CRM News

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Top CRM News

Hey Everyone

It’s been a long week full of surprises and new online articles in the world of CRM. Here is a review of some of the top CRM articles that I came across this week. Enjoy!

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Salesforce CEO Admits Social Enterprise’ Pitch Didn’t Work

Social Enterprise was one of the most popular words that Salesforce.com used two years ago. Now, the CEO and Chairman has come out and revealed that this strategy did not actually bear the expected results. Rachel King talks to Marc Benioff, on why this strategy didn’t work and the way forward for this global corporation.

Jargon to Jettison: 4 CRM Buzzwords That Should Be Retired

It is a well known fact that the experiences and relationships that you have with your customers have a direct impact on the survival and progress of your business. Here are 4 CRM buzzwords by Christpher J. Bucholtz that should not be used in the current market.

Salesforce Automation Tops CRM Buyers’ Software Wish List

Most CRM Software buyers are more interested in Salesforce automation functionality. Erika Morphy provides a list of insights about this fact from a research study that analyzed 5,279 interactions from real prospective software clients

SugarCRM Introduces Sugar UX Solution

SugarCRM has invented Sugar UX Solution, a product that is tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the users better. Here is a press release by Sarah Sluis to help you understand this product better.

Top Customer Relationship Management Models

Here is an article that I earlier wrote on top customer relationship management tools. However, as I realized that there are very few models out there. In fact, there seem to be only two primary schools of thought about these models.

Hope you enjoyed the top CRM articles of the week!