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This Week’s Best in CRM

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This Week’s Best in CRM

In this week’s best in CRM, we hear from industry leaders in CRM. From the way that banks are boosting customer service to handling financial options, this week’s best cover a variety of interesting topics.

1. Banks Boosting Customer Service with Dynamics CRM

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In this article by Dan Heilman, he discusses the new announcement of Dynamics CRM which is aimed at improving collaboration between sales and marketing teams. Specifically he discusses how banks are moving towards a more dynamic customer-first design by using Dynamics and other productivity software.

2. A Cloudburst of Financial Advisor CRM Options: What to Look For

Alok Misra presents this article about how to find the perfect product to help you cope with growth, give you flexibility and ensure that you’re functioning well in a cloud-centric world.

3. CRM Integration More Important than a Pretty Interface

In this article by Ann All, we learn about how CRM integration may be less important to CRM vendors than their software’s user interface. If data integration is missing, how do we handle this? All’s article does a solid job of presenting just what to look for in a CRM system.

4. Why Reps Don’t Use Your CRM

Amber Cebull presents this article about the role of the sales rep, and the reasons why he/she aren’t using your CRM system. Whether it’s a matter of too much reporting or simply lack of know-how, this article will give you a better understanding of the role of the sales rep and why their uptake of CRM systems may be slow or sluggish.

5. Insightly CRM Review

Finally in this article we present a deeper analysis on CRM software currently available to you. If you’re looking to make a change or make a purchase, this article is a great place to start.

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