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Insightly CRM Review

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Insightly CRM Review

The Insightly CRM review provides deeper analysis on powerful, yet easy to use customer relationship management software currently on the market. Generally, it is comprehensive internet-based project management and CRM system designed to integrate with various applications. It is a unique system that offers basic information needed for customer or client management.

It provides a number of ways to import pertinent data, making it easy to migrate from any system to Insightly hassle-free. In addition, there is minimal disturbance on normal operations during the migration. It is a perfect fit small and medium size businesses seeking powerful solution without need of having to manage backups or hardware.

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Insightly CRM Review

Key Features

  • Mobile apps
  • Follow system and notification
  • Android native app
  • Milestones and tasks
  • Fast search for everything you need
  • Powerful Gmail integration
  • Powerful Google Calendar
  • Automatic Address book


Insightly platform is 100% free for a maximum of three users. The free subscription allows up to 2,400 contacts and comes with storage memory of 200 MB. In addition, all subscriptions come with ability to create endless projects, opportunities, and organizations. The customers are provided with unlimited customer support via email, automatic backups, and 128-bit SSL encryption.

The paid subscriptions start at only $29 per month and are limited to a maximum of six users, 25,000 contacts, and 6 GB of storage. Moreover, they include integration with API access, Google Contact, MailChimp, custom branding, and Calendar sync. The highest paid subscription is at $99 per month and is limited to maximum of 40 users, unlimited contacts, 50 GB storage, and all other extras.

The Insightly subscription pricing is very competitive compared to a large number of small business cloud-based CRM systems. Most importantly, it offers additional capabilities, which are far above competition’s offerings. The advantage over its rivals is more robust data and security compliance for the small business to adhere to industry regulations such as SOX. The data is stored on their servers that use the AES 256 military-grade encryption. The servers are also certified facilities and TRUSTe audited.

Sign Up

You can get started with the system by signing up with your email or with Google Apps account. After login, you will be presented with intuitive dashboard, which displays recent activities. It has tabs for easy navigation to various parts of the interface such as Organizations, Email, Projects, Opportunities, Tasks, and contacts.

Just clicking on Contacts tab pulls a number of options you can use to import contacts. It is possible to import them from Gmail, Outlook, Sage Act, CSV, or LinkedIn.

Supported Languages

You can enter your data in any given language. However, this program is available in English language. The future versions are scheduled to be released to support other languages.

Target Market

This amazing platform is developed for small businesses, which have small sales employees and average number of customers. Its rapid development, ease of use, multiple integration points, and availability in the Google Apps Marketplace have made it practical and popular also to the Medium-sized businesses. In addition, stability of cloud-based system makes it dependable and scalable.

Benefits and Product Strengths

  • Powerful data integration, automation, and organization. Users are offered the opportunity to manage and organize contacts and organizations such as partners, vendors, coworkers, suppliers, customers, or any other relation. Task lists, address book, emails, opportunity leads and much more can be linked. In one page, all information about contacts or customers is displayed with their complete email history, notes, projects, opportunities, and emails. The system has powerful integration with internet marketing tool MailChimp, and Gmail. In addition, it can display social media content from Twitter feeds and Linkedln profile. It can also support repetitive processes in a business such as assigning events and tasks to any item.
  • In-built project management functions. Events, milestones, and tasks can be scheduled and defined with the corresponding email notifications. The notifications can be triggered by updates or changes. Usually, tasks are associated with milestones to track the projects and determine the percentage of completion. Comments and notes may be added to anything, from opportunities, to contacts, to projects. In addition, it delivers various in-depth reports based on activities and opportunities. You are free to share files thanks with the Google Drive integration.
  • Versatile dashboard views. Just from page one, any progress of business activity going on can be tracked and viewed. Moreover, it offers customizable filters and fields to display data, which may not be displayed meaningfully in the existing fields. It also has fast data search, which searches for items in each data form stored.
  • Reliable and safe infrastructure. The system uses the bank-grade encryption, redundant cooling and power systems, secure offsite storage, disaster recovery contingencies, and daily backups.


Insightly has an excellent email and social media integration. It is competitively priced, has intuitive workflow and interface. The developers are security focused and the system has native business intelligence.


Despite the advantages of Insightly, it has its own drawbacks that are worth to be mentioned. At times the system is faced with slow performance. In addition, the email integration calls for more additional user controls.

Why Insightly?

Insightly is very easy to use and set up. In fact, it takes a few minutes to set up and use it. It provides all features a small business needs to streamline their sales processes. It is cost effective compared to other applications of its class. Other than being CRM for the small business options, it includes a fully integrated project management solution without additional cost. Since most projects are done on behalf of the customers, having your project and relationship management software is a single package is more than a natural gift.

Bottom Line

Insightly is more than just a CRM platform. In fact, it offers detailed insight into customers, your business processes, companies, and contacts. Other than the occasional slow performance as detailed in this Insightly CRM review, this is a great CRM platform that is specifically designed for the smaller businesses.

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