CRM News Michael TaylorJuly 22, 2014

The Week’s Best in CRM

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The Week’s Best in CRM

1. Big Data: The New Big Tobacco?

Tim Walsh uses his article to help make the case that Big Data is becoming as deceptive, and manipulative in its advertising as Big Tobacco.  I was always concerned with what too much information disguises. Read this and learn.

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2. The Era of the Entitled Customer: A Recipe for Creating Amazing Customer Experiences

This article by Paul Greenberg illustrates the power of social media on the new expectations of excellence in customer experience.  Customers are in fact entitled to a great customer experience, and Greenberg’s article will help illuminate why.

3. Lifestyle Subscriptions: The New Trend in the Cloud

This article by Tom Wilms’ and Brent Leary addresses the way lifestyle brands changed the way we discover and consume our many purchases.

4. Toward a More Perfect CRM

This article by Chris Bucholtz helps us understand the importance of personalization and the use of social media in CRM.

5. And one I wrote – How to Make CRM Changes as Smooth as Silk

This article helps us understand the importance of implementing new CRM initiatives with tact and preparation. From finding a communication strategy to effective training and follow up, this article has some good tips on how to facilitate better CRM software changes.

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