CRM Michael TaylorFebruary 20, 2014

The Best in CRM

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The Best in CRM

#1- Gartner Claims CRM Will Be The Heart Of Digital Initiatives For Years To Come 

According to a press release issued by the company, Gartner, CRM is expected to be the point of maximum interest for future digital initiatives. Statistically speaking, CRM is expected to have a revenue of over $20 billion in 2014, and the number of SaaS and cloud-based CRM deployments are also expected to grow exponentially. Some of the most important areas of CRM include Web analytics, e-commerce, social media and mobility.

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#2 Boost Customer Relationships Using CRM 

As Alicia Gray writes, CRM is efficient for boosting the customer relationships when the technology is properly integrated. Good customer relationships are essential between the service provider and the consumer, and this is where CRM steps in and improves the quality of these relationships. The three most important areas of online CRM that can add to customer relationships are value-added services, initial services and the customer-oriented services.

#3 Why Does “Internet Of Things” Want To Swamp Customer Relationship Management? 

As the writer Beard claims in this article, online CRM is on the rise and it helps business owners get a deeper insight into the preferences and requirements of their customers. 2014 will be an extremely important year for CRM, as it has recorded impressive technological advancements. CRM uses data gathered from sensors, devices and social media to provide the best customer relationship management possible.

#4 CRM Watchlist 2014:  Part III

Written by Paul Greenberg, this is the CRM Elite Watchlist Designation for the year 2014. Consultancies EY and Accenture are the winners of the CRM Watchlist 2014 Elite. Some of the measures that business owners must take in order to improve CRM include the improvement of supply chain management, customer value and performance, and reducing the overall risk.

#5- Reinventing Customer Relationship Management For A Customer-Centric Organization

Written by Mike Boysen, this article is on reinventing CRM and why is it essential for keeping a company’s performance at its peak. Improving and reinventing the notion of customer relationship management involves identifying and removing the obstacles, as well as paying attention to the needs of the customers. Key points every company must consider in order to re-invent their CRM software, boost their performance, increase their sales and increase customer satisfaction.

#6- Mobile CRM Overview

And here’s one by me- Understanding mobile customer relationship management and its mechanism of action. It is important to understand the main problem with mobile devices as well as the demands and requirements of CRM, and how these two aspects can be merged together. Mobile solutions in CRM are typically Saas-based and although some functions may not be readily available, CRM can still be efficiently used by smart phone users.