CRM Michael TaylorDecember 12, 2015

This Week’s 5 Must-Reads in CRM

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This Week’s 5 Must-Reads in CRM

In this weekly CRM roundup, I’ve picked and summed up the top news and insights around the web. Just ahead, you can find experts’ takes on various CRM topics, alongside great and tips to take your CRM implementation process to the next level. Have to look if you want to enhance your business productivity, and even if you just want to enjoy some good reading…

Great Infographic: 10 Top Reasons CRM System Is the Solution Your Sales Department Needs

It is crucial to have a suitable CRM to achieve success; it should be effective enough to increase sales and to facilitate the whole process for the customer. This infographic, by Cloudswave, lists the most important reasons why CRM is needed to promote our business, especially in sales.

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Enhancing and boosting customer experience is needed because 70% of customers will say good things about a company to their friends and family after having a positive experience – therefore, having a CRM system can increase those chances. As a result, the company builds a good reputation and thus can gain additional customers and increase its sales. I liked this infographic since it is well-designed and really has productive and useful facts! Worth a Look!


How to Choose a CRM App

CRM is definitely a fundamental tool for every business; it helps, in general, with managing campaigns, analyzing customers’ data and increasing sales. CRM system provides organizations with useful information about customers as well as it helps to predict their actions.

This great article, by GetApp, explains why having a CRM in general and cloud-based CRM in particular is fundamental and effective for businesses. Firstly, the article contains central insights to take into account before choosing our CRM device and app. Secondly, it offers practical functions that are worth looking for if we want to enjoy the biggest benefits of the CRM.

For instance, customer database, sales analysis, email integration and social media integration are practical functions that are required to greatly benefit from our CRM. Lastly, the article lists 5 top CRM apps to consider. I was fascinated by this article because it really gives a sort of guidance – What to look for when choosing a CRM software and how to choose a CRM App. WORTH A READ!


How does the “Perfect” CRM System look for an advice business?

It is almost known that CRM is the key tool for a company to achieve success and prosperity. CRM has several and multiple functions that are highly required for any business for achieving credibility and profitability. One of the ways in which CRM can bring profits to a business, is by increasing sales through analyzing customer’s data. According to Tony Vilder, what we really need from a CRM system is the following: Marketing Platform, Efficiency Driver and Compliance (Workflow).

These three aspects make a CRM system perfect for advice businesses, but I think that they are also fundamental for the success of enterprise organizations and companies. Therefore, I find this article highly useful and important to learn from because Tony really offers here a rich grasp of how firms should be using a CRM!


23 Tips for Choosing the Right CRM Software

Well, this article is very special and useful, since Annie Pilon covers all the information one could ask for concerning “choosing the right CRM”. Annie’s article lists 23 amazing and highly helpful tips we need to know in order to choose the right CRM software for us. There are many and various CRM systems out there in the market and we should be careful and wise at the moment of choosing, because this step is the one that will mark our company’s path.

It is not a secret that CRM is critical to achieving business success, increase sales, improve customer service and experience, and also to build relationships with potential customers.  I highly recommend reading this article and learn (maybe implement as well) the wonderful tips offered there.

Determining the Best CRM Software for Your Organization

Last but not least, this article, by Brent Leary, takes on one the most important decision businesses today face – choosing the right CRM software. Leary tries to help ease this process, by presenting some popular CRM software, such as SAP, Salesforce and Oracle, and shows the advantages and disadvantages of picking each one. He also categorizes the CRMs according to the size of your business, and even mentions some function-specific applications.