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How to Hack CRM Software for Your Small Business

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How to Hack CRM Software for Your Small Business

Learn how to hack your CRM software for your small business in this article. Read on to find out.

Overview to CRM Software

Do you have a CRM that you use for your business? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools help you organize your data and tasks in one place.

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Don’t be overwhelmed by the huge number of CRM tools out there. Some of them are really confusing and difficult to use. Instead, try the following hacks below to get started.

Hack Your CRM Software Using These Tips

Ditch the default and customize your pipeline

The more closely the pipeline corresponds to your business, the more probable it is that consumers will utilize it.

And if people utilize the CRM appropriately, your data will be accurate, and they will continue to use it because they believe what they see.

Search before you create

Before you create a new contact, you should perform a search to see if the lead already exists. 

You can always export your data to Excel and manually check each lead.

Or, you can use Zapier to search your leads on Google or Office 365 and then add them to your CRM.

Create a record for each stage of your sales process

People will know where they are and what they need to do next. Then prioritize their tasks based on who needs what when. 

Tasks are an important part of your CRM software because they help you track what you need to do next, even if you’re not in front of the computer.

Spot at-risk accounts instantly before it is too late

Have you ever had a customer that suddenly stopped paying attention to your emails? 

It’s frustrating and time-consuming to find out why. But you can prevent this from happening.

Use email tracking so that you know when the emails were opened, which links were clicked, and other important details.

You can also use email automation to create relevant follow-up emails based on what customers do (or don’t do) in your CRM software.

Set up automatic reminders for customer support issues 

When customers contact you about an issue, it’s easy for them to get frustrated when they don’t get a response right away. 

But did you know that customer satisfaction increases by 25% if they hear back within 5 minutes?

So, if you can’t log in to your CRM at the time, it’s a good idea to set up an automatic email response.

Create a project for each customer

If you want to find out the status of a particular client, open up their project in the CRM software. You’ll see all the contacts, emails, notes, tasks, and more. 

Projects are so helpful because you can create a new one for each client and track their progress on a single page. In other words, projects help you stay organized.

Set up recurring tasks to automate your sales process

You have a lot of tasks to do in your CRM software. But most of them are repetitive. So why not set up recurring tasks? 

You can set one recurring task per week or month. Then each time the task is due, it will be added to your calendar as a reminder. 

Wrapping Up

CRM software can be really helpful if you know how to use it.

How do you use your CRM software? Do you have a hack that we didn’t mention? Please tell us in the comment section below.