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The Greatest CRM Reads

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The Greatest CRM Reads

Big Data Vs CRM: How Can They Help Small Business?

The relationship between Big Data and CRM is a symbiotic one. The secret is to combine the two to deliver remarkable service to your customers. Sara Angeles article analyzes the nature of relationship that exists between CRM and Big Data and how you can exploit it.

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Flappy Bird For the Enterprise: The Marketplace Needs More Business Apps

While the market for consumer apps has been growing by the day, enterprise apps are still lagging behind. Why aren’t there more enterprise apps and what it the future like? Read Sturat Leung’s article to find out.

12 Amazing CRM Charts You Don’t Want to Miss

Companies that have implemented a CRM are already reaping the fruits. Join Steven Macdonald as he takes you through 12 important charts about CRM.

Is the Demise of Windows XP Really an Opportunity?

Microsoft has announced that they’ll be discontinuing support for Windows XP operating system. What is the impact of this news to software vendors and organizations that will need to upgrade to a new OS? Andrew Heriot shares his two cents.

How to Crack the Code of CRM Implementation

If your goal is to ease your organization’s CS and bring more revenue, you need to advance your CRM implementation tactics. While there’s no one sure-fire method to guarantee fool-proof implementation, there are a few tips that you can adopt to make the process much easier. I wrote this article to share some 2 important tips to crack the code of CRM implementation.