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My Favorite CRM Articles of the Week

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My Favorite CRM Articles of the Week

Mainly focusing on social CRM this time, this week’s list also covers Conditional formatting for Dynamics, benefits of CRM for small businesses and creative, budget friendly agent training tips.

1.       5 Ways Pinterest Can Revolutionize Your CRM

Kicking off this week’s list is a relatively old, yet still very relevant article from explaining why and how you should use Pinterest to boost up your CRM results. We’ll touch social CRM and its benefits a bit more as this list progresses. (Written by Nikki Fotheringham)

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2.       Conditional Formatting in Dynamics CRM Leaderboard Charts

Going slightly more “technical” with the next one, here’s an article by the great CRMguru guiding you through everything you need to know about conditional formatting in Microsoft Dynamics, from the purely technical aspects of data visualization to the psychology behind it. Great read.

3.    3 Ways Collaborative CRM Strengthens Engagement

Up next is an article from about collaborative CRM (i.e synching customer data with multiple departments of your company) and its benefits to your customer engagement results. (Written by Petra Jorgenson).

4.       Small Business CRM Helps Entrepreneurs Through Recession

Small business CRM is an issue I find worthy of much more discussion, but in the meantime- here’s a smart, insightful article by Joe Taylor Jr for about the many advantages your small business might enjoy if you integrate CRM into your marketing/sales departments, and the hardships it might help you overcome.

 5.       When Implementing Social CRM, Walk Before You Run

Back on the social side of CRM, I think the title says it all here- detailing the steps you should take and the questions you should ask before entering the ever-changing world of social CRM. (Written by Chris Bucholtz).

6.       No likes? No shares? Stop Failing Social CRM

And what if you’re already into social CRM, but never get the results you want? Here’s a sharply written, amusing and insightful little article about common mistakes and how to deal with them. (Written by Kate Palbom).

7.    5 Tips for Budget-Friendly Training in the Modern Contact Center

Going slightly off topic here- this article about (budget friendly) agent training contains many great points you should consider when assembling and nurturing your sales/support team- from small businesses to large scale corporations.  (Written by Tuula Fai)

8.       Train, Train, and Train Again – the answer to Cloud-Base CRM Migration

Wrapping off this week’s list is a part of a White Paper called “The Survival Guide for Migrating to a Cloud-Based CRM.” Published on this blog, we look at effective ways to get even the most doubtful potential end-user out there. Enjoy!