Train, Train, and Train Again – the answer to Cloud-Base CRM Migration

* This article is part of a White Paper called “The Survival Guide for Migrating to a Cloud-Based CRM.”

Looking at CRM migration from the end-user perspective, we know that some people are by nature leery of anything new; others are quick to embrace the idea. So to reinforce their understanding and encourage buy in, train early and often, you could:

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  • Explain why the new product is necessary. Give examples from the old system where there are gaps in the process, where sales are lost, and where interfaces frequently do not work.
  • Let business and product line managers demonstrate how transactions are processed in the system. Users will prefer someone from their own company doing that, instead of a professional trainer who has no knowledge of this particular business. Ideally the two persons could work together or backand-forth.
  •  Do not give too much training all at once and do not do it too early in the project. People will tend to forget what they will learn and will get bored in class. Better to follow the strategy on continuous “micro-learning” – providing small doses of information at key times.

Gartner research reports on the ‘Forgetting Curve’: German researcher Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered that retained knowledge drops significantly after 20 minutes of a training session or presentation. After that time, more than 40% of the information has been lost.

  •  Remember that training is part of the plan to build support for the product. Follow on training classes let users ask key questions from the project managers and analysts.
  •  Give users access to online training. Make it a game, and make it fun, by assigning points and giving awards for those who complete certain modules.
  •  Gartner recommends: “improve training effectiveness by conducting reinforcement training three to four weeks after go-live”

This article is part of a White Paper called “The Survival Guide for Migrating to a Cloud-Based CRM.”

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The White Paper covers a range of topics including:

Chapter 1: Project Kick-Off and Effective Communication

Chapter 2: Train, Train, and Train Again

Chapter 3: Sell the Product to the Users

Chapter 4: How to Encourage Users to Adopt the New System

Chapter 5: How to Provide the Best Support  Experience


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