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My Favorite Articles about CRM

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My Favorite Articles about CRM

CRM systems provide a number of important benefits to small and large organizations including reducing costs and increasing revenue. Here are a few of my most favorite CRM articles from the last couple of weeks that I wanted to share..

The Downside of Automated Responses

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While automated technology is a time-saver, sometimes automating interaction isn’t the right thing to do. This article from Mike Hennessy of Intellireponse provides some good insight, including a key point that “to protect reputations, brands need to use automated technology not just to reach out to customers, but to properly engage with them over the channels they prefer, and to provide true value with each interaction.”

Why Your Sales Team Might Need a New CRM

With rapid growth of CRM and dynamic updates being implemented to cope with emerging needs, there lies one major question: Is your team using the right CRM? This post from Kimberly Crossland analyzes a few key components that your team badly needs today. Perhaps it is time to switch.

Applying Marketing Metrics to the Sales Process with HubSpot CRM

With the departments of sales and marketing inching closer to one another by the day, salespeople need to leverage on data and tactics like A/B split testing in order to achieve vital goals. This article discusses how some of these tactics can be applied.

After SaaS: Opportunities for Next-Gen CRM

Is the CRM market ripe for distribution? In recent years, the mobile-social revolution and demand caused by sellers of peer-to-peer marketplaces is creating a storm. This interesting read from Sophie-Charlotte Moatti discusses a couple of opportunities that are up for grabs for Next-Gen CRM.

Train, Train and Train Again – The Answer To Cloud-Base CRM Migration

People respond differently to new things – while some are quick to embrace them others are naturally leery. I recently wrote a detailed approach to reinforcing everyone’s understanding of a CRM migration.