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Examples of CRM Software

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Examples of CRM Software

In this section, we will explore more about some examples of CRM software. Why is it important to know? Continue reading to know more about the topic.


The term “Customer Relationship Management” is not used only to describe CRM software. But it is used to describe a system of managing the relationship between an organization and its customers. It also includes the strategies, channels, and processes that are used to make a successful relationship with their customers.

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It is not only important for large and medium-sized organizations but also small organizations can benefit from the CRM software. They don’t have to invest in expensive and complex CRM software. Since there are many free and small-sized programs that can help them in managing their business better.

Why Is It Important to Know the Examples of CRM Software?

 It is very important to know the examples of CRM software because it will help you in understanding how the system of CRM works. You can see how some of the companies are using the CRM software and how it is useful for them. So, this will help you in understanding how important it is for your company to invest in CRM software and what steps should be taken.

You can also decide which aspect of the CRM software is important for your business and needs to be included in your system.

Examples of CRM Software

There are many CRM software available that can be used in several businesses. Some of them are:


Salesforce was the first company to launch CRM software in the year 1999. It also became very popular and many organizations and companies purchased this software after buying it. Moreover, it has some useful features like lead management, marketing automation, sales performance management, and social selling, etc. Also, it has an online portal as well as an application that is available for mobile devices as well.


Zoho is another example of a powerful CRM software that has been launched by Zoho Corporation. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use by the users. There is no need for any technical knowledge to use this software. It helps in an organization by improving its customer relationships, helps in improving the performance of sales, providing better customer services, having a better insight about customers and helping in increasing profits, etc.


Oracle has launched two types of CRM software that help an organization manage its business better. The first one is called Oracle CRM On Demand which provides cloud-based solutions that help in managing customer relationships with ease and efficiency. The second one is called Oracle Sales Cloud which helps in managing all stages of the sales process like lead management, opportunity management, account management, etc.

The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned are some of the most useful examples of CRM software that can help you in understanding the system in a better way. The software is available as online-based or on-premises solutions which means that you can choose the one that is best suited to your business needs.