CRM Michael TaylorJuly 5, 2016

Ensure Successful CRM Implementation – Monthly Roundup

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Ensure Successful CRM Implementation – Monthly Roundup

Every company wants their CRM system to thrive, grow and work at its best abilities! However, not all companies understand how to make this happen. This month’s roundup of articles is here to help you company have the best CRM system it could possibly have. The main focus has been implementation but there are articles discussing training, capabilities, improvements and essentials to any CRM system!


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This is how you can make the most out of the best CRM features

11 CRM best practices

Most companies have a CRM software to help them keep track of and manage their customers. However, this is at the base of the system. Companies need to make sure they are creating long-term relationships with their customers as this is how we build loyalty and trust. This article provides 11 practices you can do to help your organization.

8 CRM essentials for manufacturers in the Internet of Things era

This next article discusses the 8 CRM technology essentials that all companies should include in their CRM system. These include Mobile CRM, CRM in the cloud and analytics. This will give your system modern capabilities, ultimately giving your customer relationships a boost!


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The Third Wave of CRM: How human is your technology?

As CRM technology continues to improve, there are efforts to make it more human-like in order for it to work at its highest of capabilities. The third wave of CRM, CRM 3.0, is intelligent and proactive and has the ability to understand human relationships. This makes it the most human-like system of CRM available. Read more to see what CRM 3.0 provides and how it is able to understand the complex field of human relationships.


It is all about customer service – the rise of CRM and the fall of ERP

It seems that the rise of CRM has lead it to surpass ERP! What was at one-point secondary to ERP software’s, has now become the leading software for many companies. This article discusses how this can be seen in commercials for Ford and the company General Motors.


CRM training, you’re doing it wrong!

Through this article you may discover that you’re going about CRM training all wrong. After implementing CRM, companies hold an employee training sessions where they teach how to look up accounts and add a note. Although the training is important, the method of going about it is incorrect. Read about how to improve this process and have a successful CRM training session!

Skyrocket your CRM user adoption with these 5 tips

Improving CRM user adoption rates has been made a reachable task with these 5 tips on how to make it skyrocket! There are a few ways to do this like making sure you are keeping an eye out for developments and improvements to ensure your CRM is always at the top of its game, as well as making sure your employees are training well and frequently. Watch your CRM user adoption skyrocket with these sure to help tips!


Microsoft and Salesforce invest in new CRM chat tool

Recently, Microsoft and Salesforce have invested in Helpshift, a company that helps software companies build a chat service between their mobile app users and their customer service team. Helpshift will help companies like Microsoft and Salesforce expand past the chat feature as well as more analytics service based chats.


12 reasons your CRM implementation will fail

No company wants their CRM implementation to fail, however most are not entirely sure how to help it succeed either. To understand how to ensure CRM implementation thrive, you must first understand what problems make the CRM implementation fail!