CRM Michael TaylorJune 19, 2016

Skyrocket Your CRM User Adoption with These 5 Tips

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Skyrocket Your CRM User Adoption with These 5 Tips

You want to send your CRM user adoption rates through the roof even if that means paying for a new roof. Today we’ll take a look at how to make that a reality. We will even provide some information about the best shingles and asphalt to use when rebuilding that exploded roof.

“Really?” Chris Elliot asks in his now famous Tostitos ads.

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“No not really.”

There are quite a few ways to go about improving CRM user adoption rates and we’ll help you out with some tips for bumping up your numbers and establishing a successful CRM system at your business.

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Find yourself a CRM “Superhero”

Find someone on your team who really loves CRM and who knows it inside and out. This person is your CRM “superhero.” This person is the go-to for when someone has questions about CRM. Having a leader will help with your team getting used to CRM and will aid in integration. Not only will a CRM superhero be useful for the team, it will also be helpful for management to be able to identify one person who they know they can answer their CRM related questions.


Keep an eye out for developments and improvements.

The CRM platform world is constantly changing. New updates and tools are introduced every day. Many of these developments can make your life and your work easier, but the only way you’re going to know that they exist is by keeping your ear to the ground, and always on the lookout for CRM improvements. The newer and fresher your CRM system is, the easier it will be to use and the higher the user adoption rates will be.


Train people well and frequently

Training is a vital component of introducing a CRM system and keeping your user adoption rates high. They’re not the most simple of systems and your employees should know them inside and out. By training your employees early and often, you’ll ensure that they’re on the same page that you are. A potential idea is to involve your CRM “Superhero” in the training process. Who better to do it than the person who is most familiar with it?


Keep your CRM user adoption rates up by involving team members in implementation

Don’t implement a CRM system without keeping your team in the loop. Your team will be vital in the adoption of the system. Let them know a few weeks in advance of your plan and then keep them notified as you move through the processes of implementing the CRM system. Making sure that everyone is on the same page is vital in establishing a new CRM system.

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Focus on the reports

Luckily, CRM systems provide users with detailed reports. These reports should be studied and analyzed in order to establish how to proceed in the future. As tempting as it may be, do not toss them aside, or throw them into the recycling bins. Instead, pay attention to them because they will help you improve both your CRM usage and how you interact with your customers.


Carry out these tips and you will be reaching for the trowel and nail gun in no time. Don’t give me that confused look. Its to prepare the roof we blew up in the first paragraph. You have to bring your metaphors full circle. We hope that this article provided you with some ideas of how to best bump your CRM user adoption rates. It’s important that everyone on the team know how these systems work and the better they understand it the more your company will thrive.