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CRM Walkthrough – Five Steps You Probably Didn’t Know

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CRM Walkthrough – Five Steps You Probably Didn’t Know

In this section, let us consider the CRM walkthrough. What are the steps you probably didn’t know? Scroll down to learn more about the topic.

Introduction About CRM Walkthrough

A CRM walkthrough is an important aspect of implementing the CRM. It is not only a technical aspect but also a non-technical one. It is important to know the business processes and how they are performed.

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The goal of CRM walkthroughs is to help the user achieve his goals and meet his expectations. When performing CRM walkthroughs, keep in mind that they are not only for new users but also for more experienced users who are already aware of how to perform tasks.

CRM walkthroughs are also useful for training purposes. They should be used to achieve a specific goal, like an overview of the system, to set up a processor to learn about specific functionality.

The CRM walkthrough should be easy and quick for users so that they can focus on the main tasks without wasting time on unnecessary things.

CRM Walkthrough – Five Steps You Probably Didn’t Know

The steps involved in performing a CRM walkthrough are as follows:

1. Prepare 

Before you begin the CRM walkthrough, you should make sure that everyone knows what they need to do and what they should focus on. All participants should know what they will observe, note, or suggestions during the CRM walkthrough. You should make sure that everything is well prepared for people who will participate in it and that there is no need for people to create any additional documents during it. When someone creates additional documents during a meeting or a training session, it creates confusion and wastes time. If people already have all the information they need before starting the actual training session or meeting, they can focus on their actual tasks without worrying about documenting everything they do.

2. Briefing 

During this step, you should provide some information on what will happen during it and what is expected from them as participants of this process. The briefing is important because it ensures that everyone understands what they need to do during the process. You should explain what the CRM walkthrough is for and how the participants will be evaluated. For example, during a CRM walkthrough, you can evaluate whether the user can successfully perform the task or not. In other words, you can grade people on their performance during the walkthrough. Everyone should understand what they should do and what they should observe during their participation in a CRM walkthrough.

3. Identify 

During this step of a CRM walkthrough, you should identify the users whose behavior is to be observed. This step is not as easy as it sounds because you might need to identify users who have different levels of knowledge about the system. For example, you might need to identify people who already know how to use the system and people who want to learn how to use it.

You should make sure that everyone understands what they are supposed to do during the CRM walkthrough and how they will be evaluated based on their performance. If the participants of the CRM walkthrough are already familiar with the system, they will come up with their expectations and goals.

4. Observe, note, and suggest 

During this step, you should observe the users and make sure that they meet the goals that they have set for themselves. You should note their behavior and their reaction to different tasks.

You should also suggest improvements to the user interface based on your observations. For example, if you notice that a specific process is not as efficient as it could be, you might suggest making it a little bit easier for people to use it.

You can make your suggestions during the meeting or after it. You mustn’t dictate how people should do things. Instead, you should explain what you have observed and why the system might not be easy for people to use. 

5. Follow up 

During this step of a CRM walkthrough, you should follow up with the participants and make sure that they can perform their tasks successfully. You might need to provide additional training if you notice that the participants are having problems with the system.