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CRM System Types

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CRM System Types

Get to know more about the CRM system types. Let us take a look at this article. So, read on to learn more.

An Overview About CRM System Types

CRM system is software that is used to manage the customer’s interaction with the company. The customers expect better service from the company. The company can be a startup or an established one. They are willing to pay for the service that they get from the company, so every business organization needs to have a CRM system in place.

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The CRM system is designed in such a way that it provides its users with complete information about the customer and their interaction with the company. It gives all this information in real-time.

For any business organization, the CRM system is essential as it helps in improving customer relationship management. It is also beneficial when it comes to improving the productivity of your business. All the information about customers and their interaction with the company can be accessed whenever needed. The CRM system helps in bringing transparency in customer service. It also helps in increasing customer engagement and reducing customer churn.

The CRM system is a customer relationship management software that is used to manage different customer-related activities like sales, marketing, and service. It can also be used for managing business relationships with the key business partners of your organization. The CRM system makes it possible for the business organization to keep track of all their customers, clients, and business partners so that they can interact with them in a better way.

CRM System Types

The CRM system can be of different types based on usage and structure. Let us have a look at these different types:

1. On-Premise CRM System 

In this type of CRM system, the data is stored within your organization’s internal servers. It is stored on your servers and you can access it from any place where there is an internet connection provided by you for your employees. It is also known as the hosted software which is highly customized and can be tailored according to your business needs.

At a time, the maximum number of users that can access this CRM system is limited to the number of licenses you have purchased for it.

2. Cloud-based CRM System

In this type of CRM system, the data is hosted over the cloud and is accessed by the users via the internet. The cloud-based software is hosted on a remote server and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. You just have to make an internet connection available for the users to access this CRM system.

The data in this CRM system is stored in a different server, which means that your data is not stored in your organization’s server. It is therefore not under your control. But you will have full access to it as you will have access to the cloud server where all the data is stored. It can work without any issue on any device that has an internet connection. So, the flexibility of using this CRM system is much more than what can be offered by on-premise software.

The maximum number of users that can access this CRM system at a time is unlimited as there are no limitations about license purchases for this software.

3. Hybrid-based CRM System

This type of CRM system is a combination of two or more two types of software described above. For example, if your business organization has both cloud-based software as well as on-premise software, then you will have a hybrid-based CRM system in place. In this case, you can choose either on-premise or cloud-based software, depending on your business requirements.

This hybrid application makes it easier for the organizations to move their data when their requirements change and they need to shift from one type to another type of CRM system.