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CRM System Examples

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CRM System Examples

In this section, we will explore more about the CRM system examples. Continue reading to know more about the topic.

CRM System Examples – Overview

As you know, the CRM system is designed for customer management. The CRM system is widely used by many companies that have a large number of customers to manage and serve their customers in a better way.

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The CRM system comprises the following main components:

  • Customer services: It is used to provide the service to the customers with easy access to information and more reliable information. The customer services include customer relationship management (CRM), reporting, data visualization, customer interaction, and other front-office operations.
  • Marketing management: It is used to establish a good relationship with the existing and new customers by providing them with better quality products or services.
  • Sales force automation: It is used to manage the sales activities of the company. It is used to provide the required information to the sales representatives and some other fields of the customers.

The CRM system fulfills all requirements of the customers. It also provides a good platform for managing the relationship with more accurate information. The CRM system is widely used by companies for managing their complete business process and business information.

An organization has to establish a good relationship with its customers so that it can keep its reputation in the market. The company has to collect, store and share some important information with their customers. 

The CRM system is widely used for this purpose. It provides a good environment to collect, store and share the required information with different departments. The CRM system also provides more accuracy in collecting and sharing the business data that makes your organization efficient.

Top 3 CRM System Examples

These CRM system examples will help you to understand how these systems work. Also, how they are beneficial for your business.

1. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is a popular cloud-based customer relationship management system that helps to manage the day-to-day business processes of an organization. It is also one of the largest CRM systems used by many established companies around the world. In addition, it provides a highly flexible environment to manage all the business information of the company. The whole sales process can be managed by using this system with good accuracy and better efficiency. The Salesforce CRM has the following features:

2. Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle is also a very popular cloud-based CRM system used by more than 100,000 companies in the world. It provides a flexible environment to manage all your business processes by using one single software. Many companies have already integrated their business applications with Oracle Sales Cloud to improve their business processes and customer service. This software also helps companies track the complete sales process of their customers easily.

3. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is another popular CRM system that helps businesses to improve their sales and marketing functions. This software also helps to get a complete overview of your organization’s sales activities and better customer support services by providing real-time data in no time.


In this article, you learned about the CRM system examples. You also know about different CRM systems and their features. So now, you can choose any of the CRM systems for your business.