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CRM Software Can Consist of What Two Modules?

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CRM Software Can Consist of What Two Modules?

CRM software can consist of what two modules?

The two modules of CRM software are Contact Management and Sales Lead Automation. Continue reading to know more about the topic.

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Two Modules of CRM Software

CRM is now much of a backbone for businesses.

The vast majority of companies use this software and it is a must-have for any business. 

CRM helps businesses to manage their customer relations and also helps them to get sales leads. 

This software is made up of two modules that are Contact Management and Sales Lead Automation.

Contact Management

The Contact Management module of CRM software helps the user to store all of his contacts in the database. 

The contacts can be in a hierarchical structure from general information to specific information about the contact person. 

This module allows users to have an account for each contact person, who will have all the information about that particular person. 

It can also be with other accounts, meaning that one contact person can be linked to multiple accounts. 

For example, if that person deals with different marketing campaigns or fills different roles at different companies, etc.

Sales Lead Automation

The Sales Lead Automation module of CRM software helps users to manage their sales leads in an efficient manner.

It allows them to store the information related to the leads in a structured form. 

In addition, this module allows users to store other important details like price quotes and contracts related to their leads. 

The system allows sales representatives to collect information on their leads by sending emails or making calls. Especially when they want to gather more information on a particular lead before they take a meeting with that lead. 

The CRM software then logs all the responses along with the time and date. So, the sales representatives can see whether or not they are following up with all their leads. 

In addition, as soon as a sale is made, the CRM sends out a notification email so that all parties involved can know about it instantly.

The Value of CRM Software to Companies Now

For a huge company, CRM can help them to manage their customer relations. It can also help them to increase the productivity of their sales representatives. 

In addition, CRM can help them to reduce the cost of the customer service process, because they have all the information at hand all the time. 

With this software, even the smallest company or business can function efficiently. Hence, it is a must-have for all companies and businesses.

It’s a sad fact that many still don’t know about this value. They are still stuck to traditional methods of managing their customer relations. 

However, CRM is an inevitable part of every business and they have to use it. 

Because it doesn’t cost much, yet it provides a lot of value to any company or business. 

So, if you are a business owner then think about using this software and feel the difference. 

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