My Top 8 CRM Articles This Week!

This week’s list bounces off between Dynamics and Salesforce- with practical guides, tips and also some insightful articles that dig into your prospect’s mind. Enjoy! 1. The 2015 CRM Market Leaders: Small-Business CRM Suite: I’ll start this week’s list with a great article from a shootout between major CRM platforms, focusing on their SMB features.

Comparing CRM Software – The Best of the Best Revealed

Whatever the CRM system you adopt, it is important to ensure that has a great organizational foundation. Additionally, it should be customizable and extendable. Here are the top CRM tools the market has to offer: Salesforce Salesforce is the undisputed leader when it comes to on-demand customer relationship management. Whether your organization is small, mid-market

LinkedIn Extends CRM Toolbox, Integrates Sales Navigator with Dynamics, Android

After refreshing its Sales Navigator tool with impressive features last summer, LinkedIn continues to expand its CRM toolbox with newly announced integration of Microsoft Dynamics, and also making Sales Navigator available on Android. Aimed at sales professionals, Sales Navigator is designed to add sales features to LinkedIn’s business networking service. Drawing from a user’s LinkedIn