Highly Productive infographic: Social CRM: Fueling Engagement & Growth

I found the following infographic highly fruitful, since it reviews many aspects of social CRM and its importance. This fantastic infographic, by Avectra, discusses perfectly what is CRM and gives several statistics on the effectiveness of adopting the social strategy. For example, 62% of executives agree that adopting social CRM improves customer service and loyalty.

2 Companies Breaking New Ground in the CRM Market

Lots of tech companies efficiently produce great products and services, enjoying fast growth and high returns for investors; but every so often, new players emerge with broader “universal” impacts on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Industry thought leader Paul Greenberg highlighted two such companies in a recent article. I encourage you to read Paul Greenberg’s full article,

Love Against the Odds — How to Make Your CRM Appealing to Both Boomers & Millennials

Enjoy our FREE, full whitepaper, “How to Make Your CRM Appealing to Both Boomers & Millennials:” To be successful, software needs to be developed with the end user in mind. Software developed in the 1990s was tailored to the Baby Boomer and Generation X populations. Now that Millennials are becoming the majority of the end

5 Tips for Increasing CRM Adoption Amongst Millennials

If you’re a CRM vendor, you need to make yourself attractive to the new population increasingly taking over the workplace – Millennials. Millennials are your new end user. To continue to be successful, software needs to be developed with this new end user in mind. But are Millennials really that different than Boomers? Yes. Millennials