CRM Michael TaylorApril 3, 2016

Can a CRM Process Flow Done Right Replace CRM Training?

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Can a CRM Process Flow Done Right Replace CRM Training?

Today we’ll be taking a look at whether a customer relationship management process flow can take the place of customer relationship management training. The term ‘customer relationship management’ refers to practices, strategies and technologies that businesses employ to deal with and analyze customer interactions and data. The goal is to improve their relationship with their customers. A CRM process flow is a visual representation of the steps you need to take in order to complete a task, in this case, a training session. There are many reasons why using a CRM process flow might be beneficial to your company and we will look at a handful of them in this article.


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What are the Benefits of using a CRM Process Flow?

A man named David Souza published a book called How The Brain Learns, which has been widely cited by teachers, researchers, and employers. The most recent edition of his book says that the human brain retains only 5% of information received via a lecture when being introduced to a new concept. We don’t need a statistic to know that after many minutes of being lectured to, your eyes begin to glaze over and you cease to retain information. This is why we need to move away from the old model of telling people how to do something and into a new interactive format to fit our technologically advanced era. You’ll save on the cost of paying for an employee who needs to train new employees, and will be able to have a single CRM process flow to use to train all your new hires.

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Are There any Drawbacks?

The only drawback we could think of was that there are still old fashioned business executives who may reject the format of training in a newfangled CRM process flow approach. They might require some prodding but with the poking and prodding of some persuasive employees, they’ll see the light, and you’ll have them on our side in no time, singing the praises of using a CRM process flow.

The Way of the Future?

All signs point to CRM process flows as replacing traditional CRM training. While you may need to smooth things out at the outset, you’ll soon find that it’s a more efficient manner to train your employees and you’ll reap the benefits a bit later down the road. New companies are popping up right and left to help with designing and implementing a CRM Process Flow for your company, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one who is ready and willing to help if you’re ready to make the switch.

What started as a sprinkling of companies has now become a downpour with more and more people switching to a CRM process flow every few weeks. Do your research, ask the questions you need to ask, and then ask if your company is going to be next in line, or whether you’re going to stay behind with the other companies not yet brave enough to make the jump.