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The Best of the Week in CRM

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The Best of the Week in CRM

It’s hot outside, but I still manage to keep cool. Here are the articles I think you should add to your weekly reading.

1. The Modern CRM

CRM  book - Trending now in CRM tech

This article by Kate Legett makes a strong case for the use of CRM in achievement of operational efficiencies, revenue uplift and personalized engagement. I think you will find this article interesting and relevant, especially if you are seeking information about the benefits of clearer operational metrics.

2. CIOs Face Choiceless Choice for Complicated CRM Projects

Michael Maoz’s article about the need to build a unified customer support interface with the appropriate features for your business. I think you’ll enjoy the way he describes the keys to moving your project forward toward success.

3. Create Your Own Social Customer Service Playbook

This article by Brett Weigl speaks to the importance of building a playbook filled with the goals and commitments of your organization. I think you’ll find the article insightful about how a playbook may help to solidify your plans and your common processes.

4. Live Chat Is Still King in Customer Satisfaction

Eric Felipe’s article about the importance of Live Chat as a customer service standard, presents solid research about the benefits of this service to the customer. From increased sales to increased loyalty and satisfaction, I think you will find some of these facts especially intriguing.

5. The Benefits of Post-Training Guidance for SAP

Finally, this is an article that I wrote about the importance of post-training and follow-up training to promote continued productivity, and user adoption. I think you will find some of the examples here useful, especially if you’re struggling with training investments that haven’t been as advantageous as you had hoped.

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