CRM Michael TaylorJuly 28, 2014

The Benefits of Post-Training Guidance for SAP

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The Benefits of Post-Training Guidance for SAP

You have undoubtedly invested a good amount of money and time in training your employees to use SAP software. However we know that when training concludes and employees get back to their daily activities that too often that investment doesn’t quite pay off. This is any company, even if your as successful as Home Depot or Target. New SAP users forget at least parts of their training. As Gartner has written, “only a small percentage of an ERP deployment’s pre-go-live training sticks. The result is poor user adoption, decreased productivity and longer time-to-benefit realization.” If this has been a challenge for you, some post-training solutions may be advantageous.

So here are three examples of helpful post-training guidance that can help you get the most out of your training and SAP user performance.

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1.     Have New Users Immediately Apply New knowledge

If your SAP users have a way to immediately implement their new training, it’s going to stick and they are going to have more confidence in your training. If the training opportunities are immediately useful then it can also be immediately monitored by managers, which can mean quick changes (if required) to the training or its implementation process. Remember, try to keep training appropriate to the particulars of a specific task. Employees will be more enthusiastic about training if they can put that training to use on a specific project immediately and will pay closer attention during training if they know they are expected to produce results right away.

2.     Collect Feedback

After every training sessions you need to ask the trainees to provide direct feedback. You can do this in a variety of ways but the important part is not just to provide this opportunity at the end of a training session but also after a few weeks of expected implementation. After a few weeks of performing their daily tasks, they’ll be able to better advise you on how it relates to their practical responsibilities.

3.     Implement Performance Support

There is a variety of technology available to assist SAP users in continuous learning. If, after your monitoring, you notice that there are specific places in which your employees get stuck, consider a variety of helpful tools that address this issue specifically. Online videos, forums, blog posts, and “how to’s” are especially useful and can be accessed by the individual without calling attention to their knowledge gap. They can continue to learn on their own and master skills learned during the initial training session with the help of these new tools. A tool like WalkMe, which provides immediate step-by-step assistance to the user in the moment of need, brings great value as well to training and performance.

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