CRM Michael TaylorFebruary 6, 2014

The Best of CRM

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The Best of CRM

1. Buying a CRM App Doesn’t Mean You Have a Sales Process

There are still many businessmen who think that buying a CRM application is the hardest part of rolling out a sales process. But that’s not entirely true. Brent Leary discusses why you need to look beyond buying a CRM app.

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2. How Marketing Could Torpedo the Digital Transformation of CRM

It is high time organizations change direction and start forging links between marketing and customer service. Most companies emphasize a lot on the former at the expense of the latter. Michael Maoz takes an incisive look at the need for companies to re-define their marketing tactics.

3. Why the Internet of Things Will “Swamp” CRM

The world is gradually becoming fully connected thanks to modern technology and internet. But what does the future hold for CRM? Chris Ward discusses the possible relationship between internet of things and CRM.

4. 3 Keys to a Successful CRM Deployment

The fundamental goal of adopting a stringent CRM culture is to ensure your company better understands its customers’ needs. How to create the appropriate CRM culture? Mariano J. Doble takes a look at the fundamentals of successful CRM deployment.

5. 2 Small Changes That Will Have Big Results in CRM Use

It’s the little things we do that deliver the biggest results in CRM use. Have you implemented the two most crucial changes to your CRM? Find out more from this short best of week article I wrote.