CRM Michael TaylorDecember 26, 2013

Best CRM Articles of the Week

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Best CRM Articles of the Week

Another week has come and gone and CRM Sphere is buzzing as always. Each week, I summarize and send all the best and most talked about CRM articles, uploaded to the blog.

And, here they are:

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1# Cultivate a new approach to business and customer engagement

The current competitive business environment has left business owners with no choice but to invest in their businesses and foster customer engagement. Brent Leary takes an in-depth look at this issue by using various research studies carried across the globe.

2# More companies embrace inside sale strategies

For any company to succeed, it has to put in place the necessary marketing strategies. Inside sales strategies are well known for the ability to increase sales and grow businesses. Here is a summary by Sarah Sluis on the benefits of having an inside sales team.

3# LivingSocial’s Quiet CRM Play

LivingSocial Inc. is one of the leading providers of modern software and applications. Bill Flook takes a look at its CRM and future prospects that make this organization an authority in this niche.

4# The Role of CRM in Delighting & Surprising Customers

Having a quality CRM is a sure way of grasping the attention of your target customers and luring them to do business with you. Ramon Ray uses her personal experience to explain the role of CRM in business.

5# How to create tutorials for the CRM you use with zero programming skills

Creating CRM tutorial does not have to be that difficult task that you have always dreaded. Here is an article I wrote on how you can create quality tutorial with no programming skills.