CRM Michael TaylorDecember 12, 2013

How to Create Tutorials for the CRM You Use With Zero Programming Skills?

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How to Create Tutorials for the CRM You Use With Zero Programming Skills?

It’s a sad fact that most of the business tools out there are just not doing their job. Too many of them are sloppily put together, and sometimes they are just to confusing to read or understand without a degree. The only way you can get true help is to go person to person and ask for help, which probably still won’t get you very far. To be honest, any tutorial can be very troublesome these days. Customers and users of different software can fact the same obstacles as they try to use different software. These tutorials have never been sufficient, but nothing has been done to improve them. It’s a frustrating truth and it’s about time that someone does something about it.

There is a great new tool on the horizon that is changing how we do online tutorials forever. It’s called WalkMe, and it’s something that is easy to use and simple to implement, making it one of the best technological advancements in customer service for years. It’s an expansion of self-help, meaning that it requires very little effort on the business end to teach everyone how to use different types of software.

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As the name suggests, WalkMe serves as a step by step guidance system and helps people with websites as well as online applications. Users are given “tip balloons” that provide them with helpful details regarding where to click and what to do next. It’s almost like having someone there guiding you along the way, even if you are just following prompts. It’s a great way for those who need help to get the aid that they need without bothering someone else all while learning how to do it for the next time.

What’s so appealing about WalkMe is the fact that anyone can use it. You don’t have to be a tech-wiz to use or create anything with WalkMe. There is a plug-in that helps create the tip balloons and makes everything as easy as clicking and typing in details. The plug-in can be overlaid on practically anything that can be seen online, so there is no excuse for anyone to pass on this great program.

WalkMe is deceptively simple. There is a lot going on in the background to keep the program functioning, but both users and creators won’t believe how easy it is to use. Everything is done behind the scenes, so there is no advanced level of tech knowledge required for anyone using the program. You can even determine when steps pop up. You can activate them with clicks, screen refreshes, time limits, and much more. If someone wants to skip a step, they can do that as well. With WalkMe, anything is possible.

Implementing the software is a breeze as well. Simply add one line of code to the website in order to let WalkMe take the wheel from there. If you are worried about how much such powerful software would cost, fear not. There several different tiers to choose from, letting you get exactly what you need and not pay a penny more for what you don’t need. In fact, you can even test out the product for free to make sure that it’s the best fit for you. If you have any questions, you can always contact the team for a more detailed quote on how much WalkMe will cost you.

If you have been trying to create a detailed online tutorial, nothing beats WalkMe. With an interactive interface and easy setup, it easy beats out any other type of method. Teach everyone how to do things the right way by utilizing WalkMe to its fullest potential.

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