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My 5 Favorite CRM Articles This Week

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My 5 Favorite CRM Articles This Week

This week’s best CRM articles feature subjects like predictions of the future, a bloated market and announcing when dinner is ready. Have a look below and enjoy these great reads.

The Future of CRM – 6 Predictions
The CRM market is destined to be increasingly a multi-tiered entity. What is growing are the 3rd parties that offer highly specialized plug-ins applications for business. This also promises to give rise to intricate legal questions as pertaining the usage of data, as this industry is scheduled to see more collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

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3 Tech Giants Lead a Bloated CRM Market, Forrester Claims

The CRM market is undoubtedly a bloated one, but despite this only 3 firms are well known. These are Oracle , Salesforce and SAP. While all these companies offer the same functionalities that most clients expect, their approaches are markedly different. Oracle places an emphasis on offering end-to-end user experience across all client touch points. Salesforce focuses on providing a comprehensive cloud service. SAP offers a set of functionalities that can effortlessly be integrated from built up right up to actuation.

Tips on how to become a CRM MVP from CRM MVP’S

You now stand a chance of becoming a Microsoft “most valuable professional”. This prestigious award is handed out to individuals that demonstrate a willingness to share their accrued technical know-how with the community at large and also Microsoft itself. The perks of bagging this award include early access to Microsoft new releases ad features, free CRMUG membership and a totally free Reshaper license.

“Can You Text Me When Dinner Is Ready?” Why We Need To Redefine CRM

The traditional approach to CRM is currently undergoing a drastic change. Client needs are not as they were a few year earlier. Many demand real-time interactions and content that is contextually personalized to their requirements and delivered in their platforms of choice. CRM application providers need to shift from the traditional approach that is hard pressed to bridge the gap between client awareness, conversion, ongoing engagement and ultimately execution.

Promoting Cloud-based CRM Migration by selling the product to the users

Cloud based CRM applications cannot be implemented overnight. An organization’s various users need sufficient time to acclimatize to the new system and access sufficient training on how to effectively use them. More importantly they must fully understand just how the application can facilitate for quicker sales closures by fast tracking the order to delivery process.