CRM Michael TaylorJanuary 17, 2016

5 Articles by CRM Experts You Must Read this Week

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5 Articles by CRM Experts You Must Read this Week

The 5 articles presented in this CRM weekly roundup focus on the challenges you may face when trying to implement a new CRM system, as well as the future of CRM in general and in 2016 in particular. These 5 articles written by the top experts in the field explore crucial issues, and provide useful tips and guides! Enjoy.

How to Tell which Open Source CRM System is Right for You

Open Source CRM systems are making waves lately – they are less expensive, easy to learn (with the right tools) and can save money and resources, but they are not meant for everyone. Therefore, if you are unsure whether your corporation needs it or if you haven’t decided yet what system can be most useful for you- you should read this article.

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It lists the best Open Source CRM Systems, including what makes them stand out, and basically what they “bring to the table.” Then, it suggests the questions you need to ask yourself before making the big decision.


Choosing a CRM Software: A Buyer’s Guide

Another useful “how to make the right choice” guide. CRM is definitely a fundamental tool for every business; It helps with managing campaigns, analyzing customers’ data and increasing sales. A CRM system provides organizations with useful information about customers, and, in that way, helps predict their future actions.

This wonderful article, by Sara Angeles, contains all we need to know about how to choose CRM software which will suit our needs and be good for us. For instance, Sara’s guide starts with the basic information we need to obtain – what is a CRM software, how much it costs, what are its benefits and how to know if we need one by following her statements. Moreover, Sara discusses the different CRM features, since many businesses find it difficult to figure out which ones they actually need. This is a fascinating article to read, worth your time!


Putting the “Customer” Back into CRM – What to Expect in 2016

To date, CRM technologies and the business processes that support it, have excelled at managing all the communications and engagements with a buyer leading up to the point of initial sale. But that’s not the whole lifecycle, says Christine Sten. Managing customers relationship in order to grow and retain revenue, requires a more elaborate set of capabilities.

Therefore, the interaction with customers is highly important in order to achieve high levels of adoption in which end users are actively and avidly consuming a company’s solution. This article is all about the importance of being customer-centric in 2016.


4 CRM Trends for 2016

It is now known that having a CRM system is a key to success and prosperity in the business world.  CRM has multiple functions that are highly required for any business for achieving credibility and profitability. In this article, Matt Keenan lists 3 CRM trends for 2016 that are worth looking at, putting an emphasis on user empowerment and the adjustments we need to make to a world controlled by mobile devices.


The Future of CRM Software 

“CRM software is the enabling technology for CRM strategy”, Chuck Schaeffer says in this article. However, he says, CRM lack both purpose and capabilities to inspire customers to grow their relationships with suppliers. Chuck basically guides us on how to be effective, efficient and productive with our CRM in the future, by looking for more customer engagement and intelligence as well as improved customer experiences. Great Article!