CRM Michael TaylorJanuary 7, 2016

How to Tell which Open Source CRM System is Right for You

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How to Tell which Open Source CRM System is Right for You

An open source CRM system will save you money.

The truth is that open source Customer Relationship Management systems have got a lot going for them. It is true that they are usually less expensive. And as TV Infomercial legend Ron Popiel always says “But wait there’s more!”  Open source CRM systems can be easily modified if you happen to have an open-source-savvy IT staff.

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Keep in mind that Open Source CRM Systems are not meant for everyone. If your company business has a pressing need to test-drive a software before you buy it, or you want to test certain modifications, then open source business software should be a consideration.

It is also possible that an open source system can be a good bet for you if you are interested in connecting social CRM because you can easily add data links to different social media channels as they quickly pop up. Additionally, you can mix and match them in order to suit most of your users instead of having to wait for a proprietary vendor so as to get around to it.

So then the question is. Which are the best open source systems and what can they do for you?


Here are a few Open Source CRM Systems that you can choose from:



This software is actually an open source option to SugarCRM and is usually based on Sugar CRM’s open source version. As a matter of fact, the Sugar CRM open source product is enormously stripped down, which makes it one of the best CRM systems across the world. Once the basic platform is put into play it is heavily modified with more open source add-ons in order to make it a more robust and effective tool. This type of Open Source CRM System offers a pre-configured style for the users who do not have the ability to install or even configure in-house. Its upgrade fee is around $16.40 per month.



This is another free online CRM system for your business. It usually comes with one hundred free users and ten thousand contacts, also in addition to all the basic features. Its upgrade fee is about $25 per month for more storage, features, and support. One of the things that makes this system worth it is that it is affordable for medium to enterprise sized businesses. Additionally, it is a web-based solution and therefore, you do not need to make an expensive and time-consuming infrastructure to host it on. This simply means that almost anyone can get it up and still run it with ease.


vTigar Open Source CRM System

This is another open source CRM which is based on Sugar CRM. While you can easily download and also install this system, it offers a number of preconfigured versions beginning as just $12/user per month. Also, it offers installation, hardware, support, and administration for a price. This version actually integrates with Intuit, MailChimp, and Paypal.

One thing that sets vTigar apart as one of the best Open Source CRM Systems is that it offers a wide range of features very cheaply. Some of these features include project management capabilities, inventory tracking, and billing.

If this list is not enough, then stay tuned for more reviews of open Source CRM systems, and if you cannot wait just poke around the blog and look for some other ideas.