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This Week’s News in CRM

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This Week’s News in CRM

By: Michael @wCRMblog Taylor

From the importance of journey mapping to a company’s need for CRM system, to the role of marketing automation this week’s best in CRM offer a variety of solutions for any business.

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1.When Does a Company Need a CRM System?

In Emma Snider’s article she asks the question, what comes first? The CRM system or a certain number of customer leads? While many of us have struggled with spreadsheet “fixes” Snider’s article does a compelling job of helping us understand the role of the CRM system and its possibilities for even the smallest business.

2.Journey Map

In Denis Pombriant’s article, he looks at the journey map and its supporting tools as critical to figuring out your processes and in simplifying your paths and structures. If journey maps are not being used or if they haven’t been leveraged to the best of their potential in your own business, this article will provide you with incentive to keep mapping.

3. How Deep Can Marketing Automation Go Into Your CRM?

In this article by Kevin Miller he looks at whether or not marketing automation systems should be integrated into all areas of an organization and how this would be implemented.

4.CRM, ERP Upgrades Come with Risks, Rewards

In Tom Ehrens’ article he takes a look at a particular case study of a company which implemented an all-in-one system which helped bridge their outdated ERP and CRM systems.

5. 3 CRM Tips for Quick Sales Wins

Finally in this article we look at the requirements for quick sales wins. From getting the right training for CRM to leveraging support and services

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