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This Week’s Best Resources in CRM

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This Week’s Best Resources in CRM

Why Gartner’s Future of CRM Looks Bright for Salesforce Customers

The future of Salesforce looks bright for all of its customers. John Carton takes a closer look at what the future of CRM holds with respect to Salesforce.

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Gartner Says CRM Will Be at the Heart of digital Initiatives for Years to Come

CRM will be the most influential facet of growth in the digital market in coming years. Gartner Inc. pin-points mobility, social media and technologies, e-commerce and web analytics as the hot-spots of CRM development going forward. Be sure to get a grasp of this all-informative press release.

Forrester’s Top Trends For CRM in 2014

2014 is already up and running and as usual competition to offer the best services is increasing by the day. Forrester’s Kate Leggett brings you up to speed with some top CRM trends that are expected to dominate for most of the year. Read this one to find if you’re prepared to play by your industry’s tune going forward.

Microsoft Revamps Dynamics CRM for Fresh Run at Salesforce

Microsoft is busy preparing to introduce a fresh run of its CRM. Meanwhile, is busy enhancing new capabilities for market automation, social media monitoring and customer support. How will these moves shape the future of CRM? Find out from Chris Kanaracus’s article.

Deconstructing the Complexity of CRM Software

The complexity of CRM software has made it difficult for some employees to use it effectively even after receiving training. So, what about breaking down the complexities for you? That exactly what I did in this article.

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